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Flower Pit

Color: Silver Gray

The Flower Pit

A gorgeous, durable, and extensible bowl that is engineered for a smooth hit every time.

Smoke smooth

The detachable body accommodates a carbon filter, for an impeccably smooth hit every time. Every Flower Pit includes 4 filters, and you can buy more here.

A Flower Pit with the two sides separated, and a filter in it.

Built to last, and a breeze to clean

Crafted from American billet aluminum, the Flower Pit brings the next level of quality and durability. And our mil-spec anodized coating brings more than just eye-popping colors: it's a durable, corrosion-resistant finish that withstands the test of time. The finishing process converts the aluminum surface into a hard anodic oxide that closes the pores and makes it smooth. This minimizes residue, and keeps the Flower Pit looking new. Just wipe it clean with a quick iso swab or some hot water and you're good to go.

A Flower Pit in the Elevated Blue color.

Made for more

Just like our Happy Camper, the Flower Pit is designed to be extensible. The Connection Point, made of two strong magnets, allows you to attach a variety of accessories to the Flower Pit. Even better, we're always working on more, so your Flower Pit will get better over time.

The Flower Pit alongside a few of its attachments.

Embrace the possibilities


Choose from a variety of gorgeous colors, and make the Flower Pit your own.

The Flower Pit in a variety of colors