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Happy Camper Pipe

Color: Lava Red
Package: Pipe Only
PipeRambler's Cap attachmentBond Fire attachmentLove Connection attachmentThreaded Stem attachment

The Happy Camper

Sorta like other pipes, but better in every way.

A smooth draw, every time

The extended shank and separable body are game-changers. The extended shank catches unwanted ash and gives the smoke extra space to cool down, while the added filter pocket lets you trap the combusted carcinogens with disposable 9mm internal filters, for happy lungs and even happier highs. Every Happy Camper includes a pack of 4 filters, and you can buy more here.

A Happy Camper with the two sides separated.

Easy to clean, hard to break

Crafted from American billet aluminum and finished with a mil-spec anodized coating, the Happy Camper is built to withstand the test of time. The anodic oxide finish makes the pipe not only beautiful and corrosion-resistant, but radically easy to clean: simply wipe it with an alcohol swab or hot water and a paper cloth, and you’re good to go.

A Happy Camper in the Elevated Blue color.

Made for more

The Happy Camper's innovative connection point—made of two strong magnets—opens up a world of possibilities. Enjoy a bigger bowl with the Bond Fire, adjust your airflow with the Threaded Stem, use your favorite banger with the Love Connection, and more—all made possible by the Happy Camper's extensible design.

The Happy Camper alongside a few of its attachments.
Features overview

Your pipe, your way


The Happy Camper is designed to be extensible. Attachments give the Happy Camper new functionality and allow you to customize it to your needs. And we're always working on more, so the Happy Camper is a pipe that gets more useful over time.


The Happy Camper is as beautiful as it is functional. Choose from a variety of colors to match your style.

The Happy Camper, fitted with a variety of attachments and in a variety of colors